WTC - Weather/Time Cycle

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From the main menu you can set the date and the time before loading a track. It is possible to set the weather and the time-progression. For example when time progression is set to 60x, every minute one hour in the game will pass. You can drive a short 24h race in 24 minutes with this setting with a full day/night cycle.

[TODO new pictures with clouds]

These four pictures were taken from the same position on Loire just changing the time (3h, 6h, 12h, 21h)
The weather has a big influence on the atmosphere (clear, hazy, overcast)
Time Progression A minute in ingame time An hour in ingame time
realtime 1 minute 1 hour
2x 2 minutes 2 hours
10x 10 minutes 10 hours
10x 10 minutes 10 hours
60x 60 minutes (=1 hour) 60 hours
240x 4 hours 240 hours (=10 days)
off 0 hours, 0 minutes 0 hours, 0 minutes