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What we already have

  • Vehicle pages - Data are mostly in
  • Track pages, Track Map Images uploaded

What we need

Tasks for now:

Fill the wiki initially using the contents of the compendium [1]

The section number used below are from the compendium but are not required for the wiki headings.


Game Settings

Graphics Settings

  • Anisotropic-Filtering [incomplete - images required] [from section 2.2]
  • Anti-Aliasing-Methods AA - Anti-aliasing Methods [incomplete - see below] [from section 2.1]
    • FXAA - Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing [content required]
    • MLAA [content required]
    • MSAA - Multisample Anti-Aliasing [incomplete - images required]
  • Motion Blur [done] [from section 2.36]
  • Post Processing Filters [done] [from section 2.39]

Slightly Mad Studios (SMS) [done] [could be improved with images and links for the games]

World of Mass Development (WMD)


  • 3 Racing
    • 3.1 Important rules for every driver
    • 3.2 Flag rules
    • ...some more stuff
  • ...some more stuff