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pCars API allows communication from the game to external applications.
Also called Shared Memory, consists in a MMF (Memory Mapped File) where information about the game is stored. That memory file is named $pcars$ and includes data like speed, position, fuel, etc. The in-memory file is updated every render frame, so it's dependant on user's framerate.
SMS provided a C/C++ file ("SharedMemory.h") with the data struct to read the memory file. A simple example of an app is also provided. Readers in other languages like C# or java have been created by users and can be found in the WMD API forum (see external links).

Typicall applications are cockpit simulators (motion actuators), telemmetry apps, external HUDs/dashboards, live tracking, classification boards...
Windows, android and iOS applications can be found. They normally consist in a "reader" that gets the data in the memory file and the actual application that uses that data.
Shared Memory must be activated in game under Options&Help/Visuals/Hardware/Use Shared Memory: YES.

Current version: 5.0, released 19-11-2013.

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